Kaz "CODE LOVE" ONLINE LIVE line MEET & GREET detailed notification

January 22nd, Kaz "CODE LOVE" ONLINE LIVE Line MEET & GREET details.
MEET & GREET on the line of the top 100 middle-ranked winners! Yuu 將 將 耶 耙 耇 耇 耶 耙 耇 耶 耶 耶 耶 耶 耶 耶 耶 耶 耶 耶 耙
Details of the book, which is a must-have book for the book.
《On-line MEET & GREET by drawing lots object activity》
eplus ⇒
[Contents of MEET & GREET on the line]
Yowauma-like 30-second line on-line chat heaven (1 on 1)
[Activity date]
January 22nd 19:00 (JST) starts
(Meeting time for middle-ranking winners: 17:30 (JST))
* Start of activity at the meeting time, 您 Demanded 續 connecting network road. One piece of preparation for the contract A fixed net road environment.
[How to apply for MEET & GREET on the line]
■ eplus
1: eplus will send an application form by email to those who purchased tickets by 23:59 on January 19, 2022 (Wednesday). (Scheduled to be delivered at 18:00 on Thursday, January 20, 2022)
2: Customers who wish to participate in the Online Meet & Greet are requested to fill out the application form and apply by 23:59 on January 21, 2022 (Friday).
3: The organizer will send a winning email to those who have won the online Meet & Greet.
* Unfortunately, we will not send emails to customers who have been rejected.
Purchase target: Those who purchased the ticket by 23:59 on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 (GMT + 8).
Application method:
1: KKTIX will send an application form by email to those who purchased tickets by 23:59 on January Wednesday, 19, 2022 (GMT + 8). (Scheduled to be sent at 18:00 on Thursday, January 20, 2022 (GMT) +8)
2: Customers who wish to participate in the Online Meet & Greet are requested to fill out the application form and apply by 22:59 on Friday, January 21, 2022 (GMT + 8).
3: The organizer will send an email to those who have won the online Meet & Greet.
* We will not send emails to customers who didn't win.
How to apply:
1: KKTIX, January 19, 2022 (3) 23:59 (GMT + 8) Pre-completed voucher-like audience, transit e-mail transfer application form. (Deposited on January 20, 2022 (4) 18:00 (GMT + 8))
2: Appearance of the Hope Line, January 21, 2022 (5) 22:59 (GMT + 8) Pre-payment application table application.
3: The mailing case is being sent by a person who is apparently in the middle of the line.
* E-mail sent to customers who are unsuccessful. Respectful.
■ bilibili
On-line inspection date: January 22 (star period 6) 18:00 (decision) (China time)

How to apply:
January 21, 2022 (5th star period) 21:00 (Chinese time) Opening "Kaz" CODE LOVE "ONLINE LIVE" issuance period, general direct sowing time "Tensen time" lottery. Participation in the desired line Audience visit, request participation "Tensen time" lottery.
Before 23:59 (Chinese time) on January 21, 2022 (Chinese time), Mukaiwa 马 洦 户 耙 站 耙 諙 耙
Completion of completion for the main general, personal information registration, middle-aged information, and the inclusion of the middle-ranking general. Owned by the owner
On-line Meet & Greet middle selection, 將 谇 January 22, 2022 14:00 (JST) Nomae arrival voluntary middle selection electronic mail.
<Notes on application for scholarship>
・ At the application period, of course, there is no difference in the number of people who have passed the application, and the application for the designated voting agency company, and the middle selection.
・ Participation activities for middle-ranked applicants and applicants. I'm not in touch with you.
・ Renewal or cancellation of the post-appointment after applying for the inability to receive and receive. At the time of application, there are no mistakes in the items that are confirmed by the contractor.
・ Eligible for cancellation of application for scholarship.
・ Details of activities, renewal, notification of non-existence.
・ "" or "" for those who are selected by e-mail. E-mail blockage function (designated requisition e-mail address), cancellation of contract, designated requisition e-mail address or renewal setting, e-mail address can be received by e-mail "" Mail.
・ I'm a confused person.
<Notes on active activities>
■ Prohibitions
Acts below the prohibition at the time of punishment. Illegal acts under the current status of Nyoka, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't do it again.
轉 售, 轉 讓, borrowing, blasphemy activity in progress
Created by Mukaijin Super-common sense slanders, slander, harassment, intimidation, claims, requests, questions, etc.
Invasion or possible invasion This company or other company's intellectual property
Invasion or possible invasion This company or other company's property, hiding me or portrait-like acts
The middle-ranked person, who can be a member of the group. Banned multi-person san'yo or san'yo.
* In addition to this, there are instructions for personnel who do not comply with the work, or there is no common sense speech, and the progress of the drying activity, the inconvenience of creating other people, and the forced withdrawal of the workers. Be careful.
■ Zoom Zoo
・ This activity is used by the network conferencing system "Zoo m". Preparation for self-assessment.
・ Installation before submission and application (Zoo).
・ When used at Zoo m, the applicable Zoo m service clause. Zoo before making a request Zoom service clause (
・ Wakagashi-like visual inspection disagreement Zoo m systematic request, cancellation after application / non-acceptance of withdrawal.
・ During the activities of San'yo, a large amount of communication is used. Insufficient communication data, derivation image or sound reception, or inadequate data environment, and other illegal activities, self-responsibility. Intense preparation for proposal Wired LAN or Wi-Fi environment.
・ Preparation, self-intelligence-type handset, computer-based internet road environment. Middle-ranked person, Sujou, San'yo, etc.
■ Authentication
・ Active heaven, self-identification being confirmed. Consistency of registration in the application form for preparation for preparation, and a clear statement of the attached face photo editor. (Example: Passport, Passport, ID card, etc.) Confirmation of incompetence status, inability to rule.
■ Other precautions
・ Activities are available (Chinese, English, Japanese).
・ Middle-ranked winners, required to comply with contracts, electronic mailing, middle office, instructive work, sufficient preparation / understanding Zoo-like operation, and more convenient middle-ranked winners.
・ During the activity period, the display device is used for reception, and the progress of the call is displayed.
・ Activities are open to the public. I'm the 1st place, the 1st place, the 1st place, the appearance of the deceased, the cause, the self-explanatory view, the unseen, and the other middle-ranked winners.
・ Activities that can be contracted in a safe environment. In addition to this, the earphone used by my scholarship / Katsukaze.
・ Yu communication environment or other non-prophetic situation, activity possible extension or cancellation. Be careful.
・ Due to the inconvenience of the situation, the image of the incompetent Noh at the time of the main activity, and the abandonment of the rights. Be careful.
・ Immediate use cause communication, poor connection, poor connection, renewal of this activity. Confirmation before making a request for business Good network connection environment.
・ The cause of the inconvenience is the lawlessness of the city. Be careful.
・ Middle-selected mail, detailed information about the request, and the reason for the re-delivery.
・ Prevention of accidents, mixed accidents, active activities, 會 據 Demand installation Various restrictions.