[Important Notice Regarding Kazuma Mitchell from Avex]

[Important Notice Regarding Kazuma Mitchell from Avex]

This time, we have to temporarily return Kazuma Mitchell
Due to personal circumstances, the program appearance of "CHUANG2021" could not be continued.
I decided that I had to decline at this time.

While paying homage to Kazuma who was seriously working on it
At our discretion
We are very sorry for the fans who supported us.

I am very grateful to everyone who has supported me so far.
In the near future, Kazuma will be able to meet the Chinese people again.
For the time being, don't trust uncertain information on the internet
I would appreciate it if you could watch over Kazuma.

Finally, in the future, Kazuma's dream of music,
Please continue to support other trainees who are working hard on "CHUANG2021".
Thank you very much.

March 8, 2021