This notice is related to my presence on January 22nd. Kaz "CODE LOVE" ONLINE LIVE On-line MEET & GREET-like sympathy.
Participation of the 100th place middle-ranked candidate on the line MEET & GREET! Yuu This Shosei Ichi Line-based activity, good mutual network environment, 您 联 Can in the world Participation in any region!
Pre-participation requirements Detailed information.
《On-line MEET & GREET lottery opposition activity》
eplus ⇒
[Contents of MEET & GREET on the line]
Yowa-like 30-second video chat
[Activity date]
January 22nd 19:00 (Japan time) Start
18:00 (GMT + 8)
* The start of the meeting time, the connection with the demand, and the mutual network. Demanding equipment One-of-a-kind network environment.
B 站 Meet & Greet Hitoshi, Demand January 22, 2022 20:00 (GMT + 8) Pre-filled personal information. Parallel attention 查 Collection B 站 Private communication, parallel reception, voluntary, self-directed, zoom contact.

[How to apply for MEET & GREET on the line]
■ eplus
① eplus will send an application form by email to those who purchased tickets by 23:59 on January 19, 2022 (Wednesday). (Scheduled to be delivered at 18:00 on Thursday, January 20, 2022)
(2) Customers who wish to participate in the Online Meet & Greet are requested to fill out the application form and apply by 23:59 on January 21, 2022 (Friday).
③ The organizer will send a winning email to those who have won the online Meet & Greet.
* Unfortunately, we will not send emails to customers who have been rejected.
Purchase target: Those who purchased the ticket by 23:59 on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 (GMT + 8).
Application method:
KKTIX will send an application form by email to those who purchased tickets by 23:59 on January Wednesday, 19, 2022 (GMT + 8). (Scheduled to be sent at 18:00 on Thursday, January 20, 2022 (GMT + 8). )
Customers who wish to participate in the Online Meet & Greet are requested to fill out the application form and apply by 22:59 on Friday, January 21, 2022 (GMT + 8).
③ The organizer will send an email to those who have won the online Meet & Greet.
* We will not send emails to customers who didn't win.
How to apply:
KKTIX January 19, 2022 (3) 23:59 (GMT + 8) Pre-completed voucher-like audience, transit e-mail application form. (Deposited on January 20, 2022 (4) 18:00 (GMT + 8)
(2) Hope for the existing line, in front of the customer, on January 21, 2022 (5) 22:59 (GMT + 8) Pre-payment application table application.
③ The mailing of the person who is in the middle of the line, looking at the main line.
* E-mail sent to customers who are unsuccessful. Respectful.
■ bilibili
《Kaz “CODE LOVE” ONLINE LIVE》, a lottery visitor who participated in the lottery.
On-line inspection date: January 22 (star period 6) 18:00 (fixed) (GMT + 8)
How to apply:
January 21, 2022 (5th star period) 21:00 (GMT + 8) Opening "Kaz" CODE LOVE "ONLINE LIVE" During the seeding period, a lottery for the "Tensen Hour". Participation in the desired line Audience visit, request participation "Tensen time" lottery.
Before 23:59 (GMT + 8) on January 21, 2022 (GMT + 8), Mukowa 马 账 户 虷 站 諙 諙 耙
Completion of completion for the main general, personal information registration, middle-aged information, and the inclusion of the middle-ranking general. Owned by the owner

<Notes related to the request>
・ During the application period, of course, there is no difference in the contents of the application for the designated voting agency of the family.
・ Participation activities are possible for middle-ranking candidates and applicants. What is the non-contact acceptance of me?
・ Renewal or cancellation of the post-appointment request for acceptance and submission of non-selfishness. At the time of filing, there is no copy item owned by the request.
・ The qualification for filing a request for recovery and the qualification for cancellation by the general.
・ Notification of renewal of activity and non-existence.
・ I'm Masaru "" or "". Established e-mail address (designated e-mail address), de-requested e-mail address or remodeling, e-mail can be received, "" sum "" E-mail address.
・ There is a dispute between the participants who have not joined us.

<Actual precautions for related participation>
■ Prohibition items
At the time of participation, the following actions are prohibited. Since then, he has been in charge of his / her duties, interrupted the line, and participated in the re-participation that was impossible.
(1) Transfer, transfer, borrowing, blasphemy
(2) Super-departable harassment, harassment, slander, intimidation, main character, request, question, etc.
③ Invasion or possible invasion This company or other company's intellectual property act
④ Invasion or possible invasion This company or other company's property, 隐 private or portrait rights
(5) Participation activity that can be done by the middle-ranked person and the person himself / herself. Forbidden multi-person counselor or viewing.
* In addition to this, there is no obedience to the workman's instructions, or there is a lack of production, a super-common sense speech, a sequel to the movement, inconvenience to create other participants, and the withdrawal from the workman. Please note.
■ Related Zoo m
・ Zoo by this activity general. Demanding and observing equipment (computer, intelligent handset, flat plate computer, etc.).
・ Download before requesting and wearing Zoo m application formula ( Participation.
Zoo used at Zoo m, the Zoom-like service clause for all suitable use. Zoo-requested Zoom Zoom Service Articles (
・ Wakatsuki video inspection device inconsistency Zoo m systematic request, cancellation after request / non-acceptance of retired general.
・ At the time of participation activity, a large amount of communication is set up. Insufficient number of communication factors, lack of information, or lack of information, or lack of communication boundaries, etc. Cause This is a strong construction facility, LAN or Wi-Fi environment.
・ Demanding equipment Self-intelligence handset, computer-based network environment. Counselor, counselor, counselor, etc.
■ Other precautions
・ Activity Totenkai is present (putonghua, English, Japanese).
・ Middle-ranked person, required to Zoo with the request, or b.
・ During the active period, the screen of the telephone system, which is a Japanese-style recording system, is a communication device that can be used for communication.
・ While the active general is open to the public, the glamor of the elected person will proceed, and be careful of the request. I'm the 1st place, the 1st place, the 1st place, the departure side, the cause, the self-participation, the non-meeting, and the other middle-aged people.
・ Participation activities during the static environment where demand is possible. In addition to this, the earphones used by our company / Mugi Katsushi.
・ Yuyu communication environment or other impossibly prophetic feelings, activity possible extension or cancellation. Please note.
・ Causes of emotional inconvenience, incompetence at the time of the current activity, and the right to the general. Please note.
・ Immediate use cause communication status poor connection, re-execution of this activity failure. Good network connection environment.
・ The cause of the inconvenience is the inconvenience of the lawless participation. Please note.
・ The case of the middle-class selection, the case of the request, the case of non-meeting, and the reason why it was not re-issued.
・ Prevention of accidents, confusion, and active conditions.