Kazuma Mitchell releases new song "Drown --feat. Hikari Mitsushima" under the name of "Kaz"!

Kaz / Drown --feat.Hikari Mitsushima
2021.8.16 out

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This song was originally
It was a song I was making as an EP interlude.
I had the opportunity to listen to the demo by Hikari (Mitsushima), and when I asked if I could sing along with him, I was able to participate in the song, so I finished the song so that it would be a single song.

With Hikari-san's singing voice, the story of myself was beautifully colored and became like a "conversation between two people", and it became a completely new thing.

The message of the song expresses that you are drowning in emotions.
Whether it's a love affair with a target person or a strong feeling for oneself that only one can understand, I think it's okay to receive it differently depending on the listener.

Rather than explain too much
It's your own interpretation of how you're drowning in the waves of emotions
I hope you can feel it.